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Elevate your practice by giving your therapists the most relevant, up-to-date sexuality information delivered in efficient, engaging workshops brought right to your clinic by an expert educator and sexologist. Earn CE credits today!

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How do you know what your clients really want if they do not have the language to ask? 
This fact-based seminar is designed to build the scientifically accurate and wildly popular book Come As Your Are by Emily Nagoski.
You'll feel confident and professional when talking about pleasure with clients because you have the language you need to meet your clients where they are.
Ever feel nervous that you'll use the wrong language about gender or orientation?
Totally understandable!
Language is fast-paced around gender and sexual orientation. Refresh or introduce new language and communication skills with clients who have been gender expansive for years or clients who want to best support their families, friends and work-environment by being up-to-date with the latest inclusive and safety minded language.

Every relationship is unique but some styles may be less familiar which can create unintentional stigma and leave clients feeling like they can't share the whole truth about their relationships. 
This seminar will give you an overview of the labels and common concerns in different relationship styles like polyamory, monogamish, and consensual or ethical non-monogamy. 
De-stigmatizing kink and BDSM practice isn't easy but it is achievable.
You will leave this seminar with language, boundary work, and a solid understanding of safe and sane negotiations between participants.
We'll cover the difference between kink and abuse and how to identify red flags.

Ready to make your practice an even safer space for everyone?

Bring Missing Pieces into your practice so you can relax knowing that your clients are being served exceptionally every day and your therapists feel supported in their learning process.

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