This is my Story

I should have known I would  have a career in sexuality when I brought my parents, "Joy of Sex" book to school in the 5th grade. My best friend still jokes she is grateful she was absent that day. After this incident, I of course became the go-to sex friend.  I was happy to support and listen to friends and at the same time was on my own sexual journey. Trying on different hats, knowing at a very early age that certain sexual narratives did not fit me. 

My journey to opening Missing Pieces, however, was a bit more winding. I started in mental health after receiving an undergraduate degree and while working I was drawn to the education aspect of my job. I studied curriculum and pedagogy and politics graduating with a Masters Degree. I spent much of a decade working and teaching at a university while continuing to support my passions of travel and dance. Around 30 my next adventures began...marriage and babies. During these years I continued to give time and energy to my own journey of sexual self discovery. After a big move from Boston to Chicago and the birth of my third child I began working as a sexual health consultant. It was THEN I knew that my true calling was sexual education and wellness. I  recognized that my love of teaching needed to be married with my love of talking about all things sex. And so....back to school I went! And now here we are...

Sex is a big field of study. In the beginning I found that I was drawn to almost every aspect of what I was learning. I worked counseling and educating individuals and couples on various topics. I enjoyed writing curriculum for sexuality students. I started teaching small groups of college students and non-students alike. I began to recognize the deficits and gaps that I was able to fill. My lectures started to focus on more marginalized sexualities, like those who identified as kinky and/or practiced BDSM.  I concentrated much of my efforts on alternative sex and romantic styles, like consensual non-monogamy and other forms of open relationships. During these educational opportunities I continued to emphasize pleasure and variations of sexualities and genders. Much of my work today focuses on giving people the language to talk about sex outside of what is often represented or commonly discussed.

Bringing my expertise and supporting those who may feel marginalized in their sexuality brings me true joy. My academic expertise is important. But I am proud to also bring my lived experience as a partner, parent, friend, sister, daughter, community member, student, and as my collegue would say someone who sexually and romantically "colors outside the lines." 

I cannot wait to share my joy and knowledge with those seeking more understanding and language around the joys of sex.