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Private Holistic Sexuality Education Sessions

      with Courtney R. Cohen

Sex education is not just for teens! We all need continual support as we learn how to have the sex life we truly desire. In a private education session you can ask the questions you've always wanted answered by an expert.

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The messaging is everywhere, yet we live in a culture full of shame around sex.


Sex is a practice and no one is given a manual. I want to help you navigate your way to the sexual health and well-being you want to experience.


  • Are you tired of feeling a lack of desire?  
  • Has a post-partum life changed the nature of your sexual relationship? 
  • Do you struggle with accepting your body?
  • Do you want to explore KINK or enrich the kinky life you already have?
  • Are you interested in exploring non-monogamy?
  • Do you need a place to explore your sexual orientation and ANYTHING in-between?


I am here to educate, support and guide you and anyone in your partnership on a journey to reach your sexual goals. A fulfilling sex life, full of pleasure and connection, is healthy for the mind, body and soul. Whether you are just beginning your sexual journey or well on your way, I am here with my expertise professionally, personally, and I bring my passion and my open-mind. Lets get started today!

What people are saying about private sexuality education with Courtney:

There are few people in this world you can feel comfortable sitting down with to talk about sex. From a man’s perspective, I felt it would have been even more challenging when speaking to a woman. Courtney is able to break through that wall, at least she did for me. She has the ability to make you feel comfortable expressing your feelings about sex and making you feel good about it. Courtney has brought more excitement to the bedroom for my partner and me, and I learn more about Sex every time we speak. She is truly one of a kind, and cannot recommend her enough.

~ K.S.

Having known Courtney for over 30 years, I am well acquainted with her many talents. She is an incredibly gifted communicator, of of the most intuitive I have ever known. As a sexual educator, Courtney has a way of bringing down walls about this often challenging and charged topic. She is hard wired for connection, and she can make you feel instantly at home in any conversation. Courtney is very skilled at dismantling shame and taboo around the topic of sexuality, she can help you tap into thoughts and feelings that you may have held inside for ages. She knows how to help individuals bring truth forward into the light of day, which is where it belongs. 

~ H. C.

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